The Power Of Three by GMG Sisters
Life is just fine...
Sometimes it's full of bliss...
Other times it can be filled with darkness...
But whatever life may bring....
We will always have one another through thick and thin!

Before I die, I already made a promise to myself to gradually tour the Philippines with my husband at our leisure. Touring the country was not a priority when I was still residing in the Philippines, but not because I didn‘t want to. I did not come from a financially privileged family so our life was really simple and frugal. Now that I’ve migrated here to the US, the desire to travel has started to grow inexplicably strong. I want to see countries like Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia but I feel emotionally compelled to begin my adventures in my homeland--the PHILIPPINES!

A Breathtaking Scenery of Panglao Island Nature Resort
Picture taken by: Karlo Bonifacio on Flickr
I miss this place! We stayed there for three days in May of last year. For me, Panglao Island is the main attraction of Bohol. It is a great choice for an ultimate beach getaway. Snorkeling, whale-watching, and a half-day tour (Loboc River, Chocolate Hills, Man-made Forest, Tarsier sighting) are some of the engaging activities that will keep vacationers well-entertained. As far as I can remember, we paid 3,500 pesos for the tour. I aim to visit this island again to explore and discover more! If you’re planning for a Bohol trip, here‘s a link that will help you get started: Click here

The Majestic Boracay SunsetPicture taken by: kael06 on Flickr
Who doesn’t know about this paradise?! It is probably the most famous and most visited tourist spot in the Philippines. Boracay has captivated nationals all over the world through it’s amazingly powdery white sand and crystal clear blue water. A wide range of accommodation is available to meet everyone’s needs and comfort. What a shame, everyone has been there except me!! Anyway, here’s a related link: Click here

Mystic Beauty of Katibawasan Falls Picture taken by: Storm Crypt on Flickr
It’s a small island really close to the city where I grew up. My two sisters went there a couple months ago to escape from the hectic city life. Like Bohol, you can also rent a van to drive you around the island‘s charming sceneries. For more info about Camiguin click here!

The Grandeur of Kayangan Lake Vista Picture taken by: chona_p on Flickr
Palawan is probably my top pick dream destination in PI. I don’t know how challenging it is to get there but I’m willing to try. The thrillingly superb stone formations, white sand beaches, beautiful marine life, and the lush rainforest which homes a great number of wildlife species provides extra inspiration to brave the minor impediments along the way. So if you crave for a vacation close to nature, this is the way to go! Helpful link: click here

The Unparalled Beauty of Plantation Bay courtesy of Plantation Bay website
Plantation Bay in Mactan-Cebu Island: This is one of Cebu’s prides when it comes to hotel accommodation. The experience of this luxurious 5-star resort is indeed a must try! If you want a quiet and secluded vacation but still close to the major metropolitan area--the Plantation Bay adventure would be perfect for you! The next time I visit the Philippines, I’ll put this in my priority list. Room rates are high but a night of stay will not hurt! Click here for more info!

A Commanding View of Taal Volcano Picture taken by: Red Sea Project on Flickr
My relatives in Manila say that Tagaytay is a place worth visiting. You can go horse-back riding, have a picnic, sight-see and partake in family friendly activities! This is probably my least favorite dream destination because I’m more drawn towards beach vacations--but I do want to see the awesome view of Taal Volcano in Tagaytay! Visit their website for more info: click here

Have you been to any of these places?!

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  1. Mr Chap said...
    I haven't been to any of these places, but they sure are beautiful. I know what you mean by wanting to start with the homeland first. I've done about 40 of 50 states here in the U.S. I want to do the other ten before I go abroad.
    Anonymous said...
    Well, being a soldier you get to see many places, those pictures you show of the Philippines are so beautiful and breathtaking. Reminds me of my grandfathers homeland in Haiti. I would love to kkeep in contact!
    Anonymous said...
    girl, we have the same goal in life. i only have had been to tagaytay and it was a treasure!
    Anonymous said...
    girl we have the same goal. i only had been to tagaytay so far and it was a treasure to keep!
    K said...
    Hi Mabel,

    I just happen to be from one of the beautiful places in the Philippines-Camiguin. Judeeta and I hope we could take the same trip to the Philippines and take our hubbies for a Camiguin Island escapade.
    Mabel said...
    Miss K, you're lucky because you grew up in one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. I wish I could join you girls in your escapade. :)
    Diana said...
    Wow! Absolutely beautiful!! Never been there but would sure love to :)
    Penny said...
    I agree! it really feels good to to have a relaxing vacation on beautiful spots within our could help you and your friends release stress..and enjoy! feel the bond of your friendship..nice posts! more power!
    Cashmere said...
    Wow! Beutiful places... Never been to any one of them but I will definitely want to! ;P
    bingkee said...
    Bakit walang Davao? I'm from Davao City. Have you been there?
    GMG said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Mabel said...
    Ate Bing, I'm from CDO- cguro it's about 8-12 hours of bus ride to Davao. For some reason I couldn't think of something that stands out about Davao. Meron ba'ng beaches dun sa inyo? any interesting things to do there? :)
    Cashmere: you're more than welcome to visit our country! you will not regret it. :)

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