The Power Of Three by GMG Sisters
Life is just fine...
Sometimes it's full of bliss...
Other times it can be filled with darkness...
But whatever life may bring....
We will always have one another through thick and thin!

I've been a sports enthusiast since I was a kid, but for some reason the Olympic games did not really fascinate me...not until I got here in the US. The Summer Olympics in Beijing captivated me in many ways. I couldn't help but get mesmerized by the enchanting presentations and fireworks during the opening and closing ceremonies. I give China a great credit for the spectacular hosting of the Olympic games this year. Of course there were snags (which I will not mention anymore) but overall, it was a marvelous and memorable event.

When the games started, I began to form special affection for some of the athletes. One of them is Shawn Johnson, she is my top pick among the US gymnastic team. I admire her not only for the powerful and strong performances that she had but also for her lovely and endearing personality. I watched her compete in all of the exercises and was overjoyed when she got the gold medal award on the beam balance. In swimming, my heart belongs to Michael Phelps. He obliterated world records in all seven swimming events he took part of, except for one (100 m butterfly). On his final swim, he snatched away the gold from his leading opponent in just a hundredth of a second. It was phenomenal! He has indeed solidified his status as one of the greatest swimmers in history by bagging 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

On the other hand, it was a little sad not seeing the Filipino athletes compete. I guess they didn't excel in any of the games/races. Oh well, watching the success of the US team preoccupied me the whole time. Hopefully, the filipino athletes will bring more pride to our native land in the next Olympics which will take place in London.

I look forward to the next Olympics! It will be great to witness different nations and players gathering together again to celebrate the spirit of sports!

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