The Power Of Three by GMG Sisters
Life is just fine...
Sometimes it's full of bliss...
Other times it can be filled with darkness...
But whatever life may bring....
We will always have one another through thick and thin!

We need Friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need Friends to give us good advice.
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.

We need Friends to remember us
once we have passed sharing memories
that will always last.

We extend thanks to our dear friends for gracing our blog with flattering thoughts of admiration and appreciation. We are very grateful for your awards!

Brilliante Award From: Emirie of Mixed Reflections
I Heart Ur Blog Award From: Candi of My Candi and Rechie of My Hideaway
Butterfly Award From: Benchiegrace of Life Rocks , Anne of My Little Home , Lollii of My Kawaii Life , and Irenie of Sweet Heaven
Friendship Poem From: Jeff of Life As Experienced Daily

We are passing these awards to Jaidie, Atenean101, Dhemz, Mhay, Tintin, Kikai, Raine, It Mom's Corner, Suzanne, Twerlyn, Mentor, Rosemarie, Cely, and to all the bloggers who spend their precious time posting new interesting topics for everyone to read! Feel free to grab any of these awards if you feel deserving of such prize. -GMG-

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  1. Bill said...
    Hey Ladies i have started a new health site and would appreciate if you would come and give me your opinion of it. I have added you already and hope you add me here also. Thanks have a great weekend.
    Suzanne said...
    Thank you for these awards, Mabel! Highly appreciated! :)

    A Life in Bloom
    Because Life is a Blessing
    Dangel said...
    Hi mabel... award for me? :) that's flattering... thank u for sharing me the award. This is my 1st ever award... hehehehe.. thank u also for being nice.. take care always..
    crissy said...
    Hi girls! Congrats on your awards. Keep blogging!♥♥♥
    Twerlyn said...
    hi Bel! thanks for the award..I'll grab one award..had awarded the 2 already =)
    Mabel said...
    Bill, we will stop by your health blog soon! Thanks for inviting us.
    Suzanne, you're welcome!
    Dangel, i'm glad you liked them! :) Goodluck to you and your hubby.
    Crissy, thanks! hopefully we don't run out of things to talk about. ;) tc!
    atenean101 said...
    Wahaha! Ang saya saya! Hehe.
    4 awards.. wow. Thank you so muh. I really appreciate it. Atleast there are really people who appreciate my blog. I`m actually surprised, thought `twas just an award, but hey it`s four. I was already awarded by a blogger friend too with 'I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD' and yes, I am still grateful to have received another one from you. Thank you again sis! Keep it up and God Bless!
    kikai said...
    awww.. thanks so much!! :-) thank u for specially mentioning my name.. :-) its soo nice of you.. im really touched..

    btw, thanks for the compliment :-)

    itmommy said...
    Hi Mabel,

    Thanks for the award!! My first and will post it in my site soon (have to sleep it's already 1am here) :P

    Thanks again!!!
    atenean101 said...
    HI again sis. I`ve just finished my post regarding this. Haha.

    And hey, I also have an award for you. It`s written on my new post today. Here`s the link to go directly to the post

    It`s actually just the same award... You deserve it!
    Mabel said...
    atenean 101, naloka ako sa comment mo! haha. I'm happy that we made you happy today! ;) keep blogging because i am one of your avid followers.

    Kikai, no problem! you're special because you remind me of a close friend...and your blog is real cute too!

    Itmommy, wow first ha! i'm glad we were the first one to award your blog. :)
    JO said...
    congratulations on your blog awards!

    thanks for visiting my blog.
    bingkee said...
    You deserve all of these Mabel , so I congratulate you. Keep doing a good job and God bless you
    Mabel said...
    Jo and Ate Bing... maraming salamat! ;)
    sweet heaven said...
    hi dear mabel, thanks also for grabbing the awards, you deserve all the awards and congratulation for doing a good job, by the way ginawa ko na yung sinabi mo sa akin dear.
    Ronald said...
    hheheheheh, just roaming.
    liza said...
    wow, awards galore! congratulations ;)

    hopw you're having a great weekend. :)


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