The Power Of Three by GMG Sisters
Life is just fine...
Sometimes it's full of bliss...
Other times it can be filled with darkness...
But whatever life may bring....
We will always have one another through thick and thin!

Our hearts are full of love right now so we are shelling out friendship awards to our devoted fellow bloggers. Our experience in blogging has been so much fun because of you guys!
This award was passed on to us by our friends Sara of News From Nola and Rechie of My Hideaway. We would like to share this award to our special friends to let you know we are delighted to read your writings and stories. The world of blogging has opened a new door for us to expand our horizon in discovering new things and meeting wonderful people.This Friendship award was bestowed to us by benchiegirl of Life Rocks, Rechie of My Hideaway, and Tintin of Footnotes and Paper Trails. A bunch of thanks to you ladies! Some of you might not be too enthusiastic about this whole idea of award distribution- but if you help these awards to propagate, it will be greatly appreciated. Let's give them more attention and let's spread some more love to the world! :)

We are granting both of these awards to blogger friends JUDITH, CONY, TUMBLEWEED, JEAN, DALE, ARNIE, JOANNE, CASHMERE, NAOMI, CELY and BINGKEE.


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  1. Gilbert/ Cely said...
    Thank you Mabel! We appreciate so much your act of sharing. We thank you also for adding our site to your list.

    We also want to tell you that we like how you put the roll over pictures in your header!
    daLe said...
    Thank you so much! i appreciate it.. mwah! take care..
    Filipina Immigrant said...
    thanks for the award guys!
    Arnie said...
    Thank you so much for this my dear friend.
    So sweet of you.
    New to this tags,and awards thingy.but im trying to follow of what u guys do;)
    Thank u once again. xoxoxo.
    GMG said...
    Ate Cely, my sister made the header. she spent a lot of time to make that! :)
    Dale and Cony, no problem.
    Arnie, this is our first award too, so we're excited!

    Keep in touch ladies! :)
    LawLiet said...
    i have a new post on my blog

    thanks for dropping.. ^_^
    jean said...
    tnx for the award..

    i really appreciate it..

    Ang sweet mo talaga..

    may friendship award na ako pero e-update ko lng un tsaka ung Spreading Love To Fellow Bloggers ay kukunin ko rin..

    salamat ng marami,,

    mag ingat palagi!
    Dangel said...
    hi mabel, thank u sa msg. mo! add nga pala kita sa blog list ko. and wanna exchange links? tc and God bless..
    Cashmere said...
    Thanks so much for the award...
    Honoured to be a part of it.
    I'm very new to this.. so I can be a bit lost sometimes on what to do.. LOL!
    Thanks loads, it's very sweet of u.

    Lots of luffs!
    Tumbleweed said...
    Thanks for this Mabel.
    It's really sweet of you.Anyway, you don't need to call me Sis... don't be too formal :) hehe
    Just call me Vee will do! *Hugs*
    Say hello to your beloved sisters for me ok! ;)

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